Design project: first phase - planning
In the first phase of design is carried out:

  • Measuring up;
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation, such as existing plans;
  • Clarification of all the customer's wishes regarding his interior ideas;
  • Prepare three different variants of interior solutions, including the location of furniture;
  • Discuss the options with the customer and taking decisions.
Design project: Second stage - sketches
Developing general concepts of style and decoration, carrying out the selection of materials. In the second phase of development of the design project is the visualization of the approved plan with the help of specialized software that allows you to get an idea of the space and placement of furniture.

Previewing the premises:
  • Two images for the kitchen and each room.
  • One image for each additional facilities such as a toilet, a corridor, an entrance hall and so on. The viewing angle is chosen at the discretion of the designer.

Design project: third stage - drawing
Performed following technical documentation in the framework of the third phase of the design project:

  • Cover sheet for documentation;
  • Specification of working drawings;
  • Existing plans, which is drawn up during the first phase of the development of the design project;
  • Plans for partitions, subject to dismantling and installation;
  • Final plans with dimensions and explication of the proposed, with the location of furniture on them;
  • If you have a floor level change also drawing of the appropriate plan;
  • Plans placing floor coverings and underfloor heating, if any;
  • Ceiling Plan, containing sections of wiring, if any, and a plan for placement of light fittings;
  • Plans for placement of switches, sockets and light fittings with switches;
  • In the presence of temperature control equipment, plan the placement of air conditioners;
  • Plans layout of ceramic tiles on the walls and on the floor in all areas where it is provided;
  • Plumbing layout plan;
  • The specification of materials used.
Renovation and decoration
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